Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baseball is Broken - Not the Yankees

Congratulations to the Yankees on their 27th World Championship. Father time caught up to Pedro last night, and now we have to deal with the insufferable Yankee fans celebrating. But at least it’s better than Philly fans. I actually called the World Series right, predicting the Yankees in 6 games, which is amazing only in that it was the only series in the entire baseball playoffs I called correctly.

Now there are all the people screaming that they hate the Yankees because they spent their way to the championship. But you can’t hate the Yankees for playing within the rules as they are. Hate baseball for having the structure that allows the Yankees to just spend an unlimited amount on talent. And while they are the epitome of that flawed structure, what fan wouldn’t want an owner that could spend like the Steinbrenners? So it’s extremely frustrating because you won’t ever see the Royals, Pirates, Padres, Nationals, Orioles, or Blue Jays in the World Series again, but until they change the rules, why wouldn’t the Yankees, Sox, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers and Angels continue to spend like drunken sailors?

And I know it’s a tired argument, but if you look at the champions in baseball, since 1980, there have been 18 franchises that have won those 30 titles. For comparison, in the NBA, there have been 8 teams that have won those 30 titles, and that includes the Heat and the 76ers, which each won only one title. The NFL has been the picture of diverse champions, with 14 different franchises that have won the 30 Super Bowls since 1980. So I’m not sure that the salary cap is the cure for baseball.

In the meantime, teams like the Brewers, Royals, A’s, Blue Jays, Orioles, Rays, Rangers, Reds have to try and do the best they can before players like Prince Fielder, Roy Halladay, Johnny Votto, Carl Crawford, Billy Butler, etc. become free agents and run off to the big spenders.
To quote the movie "Boiler Room" when Ben Affleck is talking to the new recruits, "Those who say money doesn't buy happines......doesn't f--kin' have any."


This is not a flattering article on the Mike McCarthy and the Packers coaches. Ross Tucker basically lit up the coaching staff for not being more creative in their blocking schemes and for kicking to Percy Harvin when he had already been extremely good. I think the heat is getting turned up on McCarthy and definitely on Ted Thompson.


Is it bad that I don’t believe that Brandon Spikes came to the coaches and wanted to suspend himself for the entire game against Vandy this weekend for the eye gouge against Georgia? I just don’t believe a word out of Urban Meyer’s mouth. The guy is a sneaky, arrogant, snake-oil salesman. My guess is he saw the backlash of his pathetic excuse for a penalty, and he decided to manipulate the situation to make his dirty player look better for the public.

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