Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Hits

While New York is getting all excited for LeBron James next season, the fact that he filed the paper work for a new number next season is strike against the Knicks. LeBron filed the paperwork to change from his current jersey number 23 to number 6, his Olympic number, next season. What does it mean and why would he do it? Well, if he were to sign with a new team this summer, he wouldn’t need to file any paperwork – he could choose any number he wants. So his filing is really only relevant if he stays in Cleveland. Does that mean he’s staying in Cleveland next season? Not necessarily. LeBron has smart people around him, and filing for the number change goes right along with “keeping all of his options open” like he has said he would do from the start. LeBron loves the attention and loves the wonder and mystery of where he will play next season. The Sports Addict Prediction: LeBron James will NOT sign with the Knicks and he will resign in Cleveland. The Knicks will settle for Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson.


Did you see the article that the earthquake in Chile may have shifted the Earth on its axis? That’s insane. But I think they need to confirm that it wasn’t just Kevin Smith jumping up and down to protest Southwest Airline’s handling of fat people on their flights. Or maybe Kevin Smith was throwing his tantrum at the same time that Rick Majerus was hopping mad arguing that his St. Louis team is still on the bubble to make the NCAA tournament.


As all of the rumors come out about the NFL draft next month and we hear what team likes what players, keep in mind – it’s in the teams’ best interest to mislead everyone. Obviously, a team that likes a player wants him to slide to them. A team that dislikes a player wants some other team to be a sucker and pick him. Therefore we have already heard that the Rams love Ndamukong Suh, and that they will take a QB like Sam Bradford, and now they love Oklahoma defensive linemen Gerald McCoy. Why would anyone with knowledge of the team’s intentions give anything away to a blogger or journalist knowing that it’s going to be broadcast out to the masses immediately? Because they want to improve their contract negotiations with the candidates for the top draft pick, or they want to make sure their guy is still on the board when their draft position comes up. Right now, anything said by NFL team management is about as reliable as taking acting lessons from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Side note – if you ever want to get a girl angry or fired up, say these simple words: “You know who is a really great actress? Jennifer Love Hewitt.” It is 100% guaranteed to cause the girl to huff and puff and get entremely annoyed. I am not really sure why that is or what Hewitt has done to women that they absolutely abhor her acting skills, or lack their of. I mean, is she a great actress? No. Yet there is something in all women DNA that causes them to be repulsed when a guy suggests she is a good actress. Try it out and let me know the results. I’ve yet to meet a woman that doesn’t overreact with horror at the thought.


NCAA Tournament expansion is an absolutely horrific idea. WHY? No #16 seed has ever beaten a #1 seed. There have been very few #2 seeds that have lost in the first round. So do we really think a #24 seed is going to have a chance? Why don’t we just do away with the tournament, take down the scoreboards in the arenas and give everyone a nice ribbon and share some orange slices after the season? More does not mean better. The opening days of the tournament are among my favorite days of the entire year, but it’s because of the 5-12, 4-13, 8-9 & 7-10 matchups. That’s where you get the upsets and great finishes. Yet because of the almighty dollar that ESPN is going to throw at the NCAA in favor of expanding, you know it’s going to happen. It’s about as certain as a Pam Anderson “wardrobe malfunction” on Dancing With The Stars next season.


Who is the hottest team in the Big Ten since their best player returned from injury? Ohio State with Evan Turner? Michigan State with Kalen Lucas? Or Wisconsin with Jon Leuer? It is hard to take anything from the Badgers destruction of Indiana and Iowa, because both teams are terrible. Yet Leuer has brought an inside presence on defense to go with another offensive weapon for Bo Ryan. We will know more after they travel to Champaign to take on Illinois this weekend. The Badgers have a chance to play their way up to a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament with a solid run in the Big Ten conference tourney, but look most like a #4 seed. Keys to advancing in the tournament? Strong guard play: Trevon Hughes, Jordan Taylor and Jason Bohannon. Shooting: Bohannon & Leuer. Guys who can create their own shot: Hughes & Taylor. Post presence: Leuer & Keaton Nankovil. Defense: Bo Ryan. The pieces are their and they are getting hot at the right time.

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