Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hitting the Links - Why Am I Still Surprised By This Stuff?

Really? You get drunk and try to kick your husband and fall into a store window. Yet the owner of the shop is to blame for not having strong enough glass in his front window to withstand your drunk ass? Somewhere the lady who won the lawsuit against McDonald’s for serving her hot coffee is nodding vigorously.

This just seems like a bad episode of Las Vegas or something. How in the hell does a guy just “con” a casino into giving him a $200,000 advance? And they cannot keep him in jail because the warrants are under his false name and not his real name? Then again, I was on jury duty for a couple days last week and there were more than a handful of people that were allowed to be dismissed because they didn’t speak any English. Somehow they were able to get a license/citizenship without being able to speak the language, or they pulled a Sammy Sosa and “pretended” they didn’t understand it.

A fan running on the field in Philadelphia got tased last night (here’s the video of the guy getting tased). Some people are all up in arms about it. Let’s see, you know it’s wrong, and we have historical events like the guy who stabbed Monica Seles or the drunken inbreeds in Chicago that beat up the Royals first base coach. And you have a problem with them tasing a guy not knowing whether he has a weapon? If you do something that stupid, you deserve to be treated like you are stupid.

A guy on the Virginia lacrosse team was charged with the murder of a girl on the women’s lacrosse team. That’s some scary stuff. The strange coincidence that has no real bearing on anything is that he went to prep school with a bunch of the guys who were accused in the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Kobe Bryant might be a great closer, but he does not have a very good public relations team. What was he possibly thinking for this “white hot” photo shoot? I mean, I don’t understand art – I never have and never will – but this just seems weird. Although the best part is the quote from Lamar Odom: “And I married Khloe Kardhasian only a month after meeting her so I don't have much room to talk. But seriously, what are you doing?”

Jesse Jackson has to jump into the fray with a letter to Bud Selig about the new immigration legislation in Arizona. Why isn’t this waste of space writing letters to the NFL? Or the NHL? Or the NBA? And why does Bud Selig have to suddenly get involved in a political issue? Jesse Jackson just wants to get his face on television or in the papers and he seems to make matters much worse than they were before he got involved.

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