Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ho Hum Another Steroids Story

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing failed a drug test in September before last season, but was able to appeal and play the entire season, winning the league’s defensive rookie of the year award. Now it has been announced that Cushing failed the test, lost his appeal and he will be suspended the first four games of next season. Cushing is vehemently denying that he took PEDs, but will not say what it is that caused him to fail the test. His camp is on spin control and is leaking stories to Adam Scheffter that he passed a lie detector test about taking performance enhancers.

So what? Do we really care? Is it bad that I’ve become so immune to the steroids stories from all these athletes that I don’t really care whether he did or not? It’s not going to stop me from watching football. Do I wish there were no steroids or performance enhancers in sports? Absolutely. Do I really believe that these guys won’t risk shortening their lifespan and shrinking their junk for a chance to make an absurd amount of money? Definitely. They can always claim they were in the pool.

They are redoing the vote for the defensive player of the year. Another big “who cares?” from members of the media who are trying to be make a stand more than anything. Do you think Cushing cares whether he gets to keep his rookie of the year trophy? He knows he was the best rookie on the field, and so do we. Let’s just move on, no one really cares.


Here’s a major FAIL by a politician trying to talk sports by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Not only does he start off by talking about “ionic” sports moments, but he then talks about Varitek splitting the uprights. Ouch. Varitek, the catcher of the Red Sox has never kicked a field goal like Adam Viniatieri has. It’s almost as impressive as the Congressman during the steroid hearing asking if Mr. Palmerry was on drugs when he got his 300th hit. (meaning Raphael Palmeiro and his 3,000th hit)


And here is Erin Andrews first taste of attention, around the 45 second mark of this video to learn to dance like a BackStreet Boy.

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