Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Hangover - Love/Hate


- Spent the weekend in comedy clubs in New York. Saw some great shows and great comedians – particularly Jared Girmscheid and Joe Narvaez. Both guys were extremely entertaining and put on a great show - definitely worth watching. Jared performs regularly in Chicago and Joe performs a steady schedule in New York. Check to see if and when they might be performing around you and get out and see them – you won’t be disappointed.

- This video has been going around for a while now, but it is well worth a link and the time to watch. It contains about 4,000 f-bombs from current minor league manager and former New York Met Wally Backman in an on-field altercation with an umpire. I would definitely have a beer with Wally.

- Did we just witness the soccer version of Bill Buckner in Saturday’s World Cup match between the USA and England? While right now the horrendous play by England’s goalie allowed the US to steal a tie, if both teams advance out of pool play, the goal will be remembered for comedy, and no real repercussions. The bigger issue for Team USA was the fact that the Brits peppered the US defense and goalie Tim Howard is the only reason Sam’s Army was able to come away with a point. Landon Donovan was mostly neutralized by the English defense and he will have to find a way to be more of a factor against Slovenia and Algeria. Defensively, the US did a pretty good job of keeping Wayne Rooney from doing too much damage, so there is a really strong chance he unleashed more than a few of his patented profanity tirades.


- Is there a more annoying player to watch in crunch time than Paul Pierce? I’m guessing he is a huge fan of President Obama because all he does is plow to the hoop and beg for a bail out, flopping and whining all over the place. Toughen up, dude. He flops more than anyone in the World Cup. He’s like a black European player – maybe the love child of Manu Ginobili and Jay-Z. And he’s only a half step more annoying than the Kendrick Perkins scowl and stomp away after every foul…..which happens at least once a minute when Perkins is on the floor.

- The NBA Finals 2-3-2 scheduling makes less sense than why Lindsay Lohan somehow still scores tickets to things like the MTV Music Awards. How can you justify the team with home court advantage having to fight off elimination when they have won their home games? (yes, the Lakers lost a game in LA, but won a game in Boston to get the home court advantage back) What is the rationale behind the schedule? Limiting travel? These dudes are not flying coach. The Lakers beat writer is not going to be sitting next to Big Baby Davis (aka Shrek) on an American Airlines flight from LAX to Logan. And they give the teams 2-3 days off between games without travel days, so there is no reason to use the 2-3-2.

- Want to know what bothers me more than Vince Young being the prime suspect in an assault at a strip club in Nashville? The fact that they have to refer to him as a “two-time Pro Bowl” quarterback. The guy made the pro bowl last year playing less than half of his team’s games and threw 10 touchdowns and had 10 interceptions. Yet because 10 other AFC quarterbacks were supposedly injured or still playing (Peyton Manning), the guy whose throwing motion looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite made another Pro Bowl.

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