Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Site Update & All-Star Thoughts

SITE UPDATE: I’ve officially re-entered the real working world this week, so there will be some changes to the schedule for posting on the site. The goal is to still put up 3 posts a week – The Weekend Hangover, Wednesday and Degenerate Friday. I plan on using a combination of the Kramer (TCB, Jerry – Takin’ Care of Business) and the Peter Gibbons from Office Space (I typically show up an hour late, sneak in the back door and then space out for a couple hours) to quickly move my way up the corporate ladder. Who am I kidding? I’ll be humping it for the man, just like everyone else. So wish me luck and expect posts at least three times a week.

All-Star Thoughts

- RIP Mr. Steinbrenner. From a few of the stories I read, he appeared to be nicer to the people he served (the city of NY) than he was to those he worked for. As a fan, you couldn’t ask for more as an owner – a guy who wanted to win and it didn’t matter what it cost him or who he offended as long as he won. As an employee, you couldn’t have a worse boss – an emotional, irrational and micromanaging nightmare. Yet he was able to put Gene Michaels in control during his two year suspension, and Michaels helped to lay the groundwork for the current Yankee title-winning core. Nothing like a great parody clip of “Big George” from Seinfeld to send him off.

- RIP Captain Phil from the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. I am not the show’s biggest fan, nor did I make sure to DVR every episode. But on the few occasions when I did see the show, it was always entertaining to watch him run the ship. He kept his crew loose and obviously cared about his sons, and he was definitely one hard working s.o.b. Good luck as the captain of that ship in the sky.
- The heat and humidity in New York the past week has been more insufferable than trying to keep up with Mel Gibson's latest psychotic tirade. Just walking down the street has me sweating like Travis Henry and Shawn Kemp on Father's Day.

- I can’t decide what is more annoying, the arrogance of Joe Buck, or the fact that he is so smug that he thinks he can make fun of himself for being arrogant. Listening to him announce the all-star game is insufferable as he reminds us all how smart he is and how great his life is. He has a great voice for announcing and had an amazing announcer of a father, but I wish he would just go away.

- The only redeeming quality of Joe Buck annoucncing? It is a reminder that football season is just around the corner. Training camps are typically running by the end of the month and opening day is just under 2 months away – September 12. And the start of the season will be interesting with many teams filling in for suspended stars…the Steelers and Roethlisberger, the Jets and Santonio Holmes, and the Chargers and Vincent Jackson. It sure will make fantasy football values interesting. Remember when everyone stayed away from Brandon Marshall because he was going to miss the first few games of the season? He then went on to produce awesome fantasy points the rest of the season.

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