Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts on Duke's Win from Wine Country

Apologies for the sporadic posts the remainder of the week. I am out in wine country trying to figure out why we don’t just move out to California, get jobs in a winery and spend our days making wine and our nights relaxing in the moutains drinking wine. Seriously, why haven’t I done this yet? Every time I make a trip to California, I contemplate pulling a Don Draper and just disappearing out here for a couple months at a time.

Quick thoughts on Duke’s vicotry last night in the championship game over Buter:

- Has there ever been a more uninteresting close game? I was so unintrigued by the game that I found myself flipping back and forth between the game and random opening day baseball games on the free preview of the season ticket. I’ve never missed a minute of a championship college basketball game for anything, much less the opening game for a team that wasn’t the Brewers. Neither team was playing very well offensively and the flow of the game seemed dull.

- As I received multiple texts on the topic – Matt Howard wore his Adam Morrison “I have candy in my van with no windows” mustache about as well as……….well, Morrison. Note to Mr. Howard: You can only afford to look like a monster toolbox if you have the game to back it up (see Brandon Jennings and his flat top, Anthony Mason with things shaved in his head, or even Jason Terry’s high socks). And Mr. Howard, you don’t have the game for it.

- Howard’s game deserves its own post – has there ever been a more overrated, talked about non-factor player in a championship game? Howard was the Horizon league player of the year two years ago! (who else was in that conference? My high school team?) Matt Howard is that third scorer that Butler needs to step up to win the game! (why? He sat out with fouls and a concussion against Michigan State and they were better without him) The guy is a spaz who committed some of the dumbest fouls I’ve ever seen to guarantee his time on the bench, and basically was more of a liability than a benefit to the Bulldogs all night. At one point he was 1-6 from the field, 1-4 from the line and had 4 fouls. Thanks for showing up, pal.

- My friend Sal posed this question during the game: Could either of these teams compete with ANY of the past 15 championship teams? Typically you have to side with the most recent teams because of the increase in overall size and athleticism of all of the players. Looking at the Duke & Butler teams……that’s not the case at all. The only team we could come up with that might have struggled with Duke or Butler was the 2002 Maryland championship team. That team had Steve Blake, Juan Dixon, Chris Wilcox and Lonny Baxter – definitely not blowing anyone away with athleticism – although leaping ability was the only reason Wilcox fooled an NBA team to draft him in the top 10. Actually, that Terps team would be a really intriguing matchup for Duke, with Blake against Scheyer, Dixon against Nolan Smith, Wilcox against Singler, and Baxter versus Zoubek in the middle. I think I’d take Duke, but not by much.

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