Friday, April 23, 2010

Degenerate Friday! NFL Draft Round 1

Quick Thoughts on Round 1 of the NFL Draft……and while writing that sentence the Brewers just scored 3 more times on the Pirates. Seriously? They swept the Pirates by an aggregate score of 36-1. My brother and I debated what was more embarrassing – the offense or the pitching? I think it’s a close call and either way means that despite the Pirates 7-6 start, they are still the Pirates. Since Friday’s are our gambling day, I’ll bet on Tebow being the guy to help Josh McDaniels pack on his way out of Denver.

- Josh McDaniels has some huge cahones. Either that or he’s an idiot. I’m leaning towards the latter. Tim Tebow in the first round? At #25? Trading all over the place and then taking him ahead of Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy? Overall there is a ton of hate for Tebow as a person and a football player. I think he’s actually just a nerd. He works hard, stays out of trouble and is as smart as you can be when you’re from Florida (the bar is very low), but he just comes across as cheesey. My wife watched his interview and offered this analysis: “I’m pretty sure he’s a virgin. He just looks and acts like a guy that’s never been laid.” I guess she’s not a fan. I thought the best comment on him came from Tom Jackson when he stated flatly “You can only be a leader if you’re PLAYING. And he will not be playing.” Very well said. I don’t get it because I’m not sure how anyone figures Tebow is going to a better pro than Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy or Dan Lefe…something from Western Michigan. Coach McDaniels, I hope you have a moving company on speed dial because drafting the second-best wide receiver (Demaryus Thomas over Dez Bryant) and the 4th or 5th best quarterback both in the first round put you squarely in the cross-hairs.

- I really, really despise the showing of the phone calls to the players before the draft pick was made. Talk about ruining any and all suspense in the process. Why would they allow the player to take the call and then show it on television so everyone knows before the Commissioner makes the announcement?

- Did anyone else notice that Steve Young does not appear to be very liked on the ESPN set? There seemed to be numerous occassions where Young would interrupt the others to get his opinion interjected, and numerous other times when the guys like Gruden, Jackson and Boomer would just talk right over the top of Young and take veiled shots at him like “did you see this, Steve?” before disproving his opinions. It just seemed mildly tense any time he would open his mouth and his thoughts were not appreciated by the others. Yet I still like Young because knowing that he went to BYU, I just assume his personal life is just like Big Love.

- The Coors Light Home Draft commercials? Awesome. The concept is great, not exactly new, but great. They are equivalent to the Heineken mini kegs, and let’s face it, the mini keg is a much cooler looking than the Coors offering. But the commercials with Ditka? Priceless. I would say that the commercial was about as impressive as what Detroit has done to remake the Lions and be in a better position to compete than the Chicago Bears.

- Loved the Packers pick of Brian Bulaga, and as has been pointed out quite a bit, he has the look of a Packers linemen if ever there was one. Between him and Mark Tauscher, you have two Big Ten brawlers who look like they belong playing for Green Bay. Like I said yesterday, they needed to fortify the line because if they give Rodgers time, he will have an MVP season. Let’s just hope the guy is better than the last highly touted Iowa lineman, Robert Gallery.

- The Cowboys may have made the best pick of the first round, getting Dez Bryant who had fallen all the way towards the end of the round. Bryant has Moss/T.O. talent and has taken a beating for being kind of a knucklehead. The key will be whether he takes the draft slide as a personal slight and uses it as motivation to drive himself to get back at all of the teams that passed on him. If he does that, a tandem of Miles Austin and Dez Bryant (with Roy Williams underneath) will immediately improve Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense.

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