Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did This Just Happen?

Have you ever given someone a nickname that at the time you did not even realize how accurate you were? Well a few years ago, a classmate of my wife’s was dating a guy that was a meaty former military guy and kind of a spazz. I had only met the guy once when I ran across him in the gym and he came up to me as I was headed back to the locker room and asked me if “got a good pump in” today. That’s the type of meathead we’re talking about. We affectionately began referring to him as “Crazy Joe Davola” like the character from Seinfeld because his name was Joe. The relationship didn’t last long with my wife’s classmate and everyone went their separate ways. Fast forward three years to this story that caught my eye yesterday…Crazy Joe Davola was back. Only Crazy JoeDavola was actually Crazy Joseph Graves and he had been arrested for brutalizing his girlfriend’s small yorkshire terrier dog. Really dude? The little dog nips at you and you bash it with a belt buckle and kick it multiple times? I guess he got a good pump in on the dog. What a loser.


This highlight has been all over the national news on SportsCenter, Yahoo!, The Big Lead, etc. but I still have to make mention of it here – Bango Buck pulled off the greatest mascot stunt ever. It just barely edged out Will Farrell lighting himself on fire while attempting to jump through the flaming hoop near the end of Old School. Not only did Bango jump from a roughly twenty foot high ladder, he also did a back flip and landed the dunk. Absolutely insane. There were so many things that could have went wrong on the stunt, just attempting it without getting injured would have been impressive, much less actually pulling the move off successfully. The video is impressive, to be sure, but I’m actually more impressed with the still shot which really highlights the height and danger of the move. Well done, Bango.


Have you ever had one of those days where a couple of things go really, really well, but a couple of things go really, terribly wrong? Well Greg Zaun had that day on Monday against the Pirates. Zaun was on fire at the plate in the Brewers’ 17-3 romp, going 4 for 4 with 5 RBI, 3 runs, 2 doubles and a walk. The type of day you want to get the highlight tape for and replay over and over again for your grandchildren. However, for a brief moment in the 2nd inning, Zaun turned into Mackey Sasser or Chuck Knoblauch. He couldn’t throw the ball back to Yovanni Gallardo on the mound. It was bizarre not only for the action itself, but also because it suddenly got fixed and then there was never an issue again. Also watch the reaction from both Zaun and Gallardo, as they do not laugh, but they also do not seem really bothered by it. Such a strange and surreal moment in an otherwise standard blowout.


Speaking of the Brewers, my most sincere wishes for get well and get healthy go out to the Brewers’ legendary announcer, Bob Uecker. Uecker is undergoing heart surgery and will miss the next 10-12 weeks of the season. Mr. Baseball has been a staple of Brewers broadcasts for 40 years and hopefully he will be back at full strength soon and adding his unique flair for comedy and entertainment with an unmatched knowledge of the game. Not only was he a great real life announcer, he was awesome in Major League with his famous “Just a bit outside!” or when he was in 80’s sitcom Mr. Belvedere. Get well, Uke.

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