Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hitting the Links

Cliff Lee was an absolute monster last night. Could he have been any calmer? Dude silenced the Yankee bats with 10 strikeouts, showed complete indifference catching that pop-up, and then grabbed a grounder behind his back just for fun.

Mike Leach is not impressed with the “talent” in Lubbock. And he even went as far as blaming the Red Raiders loss on his team’s “fat little girlfriends.” Awesome. Although judging by this picture, I guess none of the football players are dating anyone from the dance team or the cheerleading squad.

This is a story that puts sports in perspective a little bit – Ryan Clark of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Clark has a blood disorder that attacks his organs at high altitudes. It happened twice in the past, including in 2007, when he had to have his spleen removed and lost 40 pounds after a game in Denver. The Steelers are back in Denver this week. Why would he even consider playing? Even if the doctors clear him, is it really worth the risk?

Is Chase Utley auditioning for a cameo on Vampire Diaries? I mean, I know the whole vampire thing is all the rage right now with True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and the Vampire’s Assistant, but still. What is with the awkward, slicked-back thing he has going on? At first I thought it was just wet, sweaty hair, but seeing him in the cold at Yankees Stadium with that same plastic hair helmet, it’s obvious it’s on purpose. And it’s not good.

The Redskins have banned their “fans” from bringing signs into the stadium. Just another signal that the entire franchise is a mess. Remember the proud maroon and gold franchise when they were winning with Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Doug Williams, Timmy Smith, Art Monk, Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark? What a fall from grace. If I were a Skins fan, I’d prefer to have a funny sign blocking my view than have to watch Sherm Lewis calling “B-71” and “G-18” instead of football plays.

Seriously – think we’ve taken the whole PC thing a little too far? Penn State is the latest place where people are over-sensitive and ridiculous.

Jimmy Kimmel slapped Sabrina the Teenage Witch around after she got booted from Dancing with the Stars.

I’m not a journalist, and I don’t pretend to be one. But if this is what you cover, do you actually put “journalist” on your resume? Your job is to report on what the First Lady is wearing? Who cares? And what kind of description is “swirly printed?” I’m not saying………… I’m just saying.

It’s a rough time to be a sports fan in Charlotte. The Panthers are going to stick with Jake Delhomme at quarterback despite the fact that he’s thrown 18 INTs in his past 7 games. This guy thinks he should keep his starting job and get a chance at atonement. Really? Wasn’t this season supposed to be his chance to atone for his game against Arizona last year? So at least Charlotte sports fans can turn to the Bobcats for the start of the NBA season. Uh-oh. The Bobcats put up 59 points, an NBA record low for an opening game in the shot clock era, in getting smoked by the Celtics. When does college basketball start??

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