Monday, October 5, 2009

The Week 4 Hangover - Love/Hate

Have to lead off the week with this clip of a NYC old-school TV anchor telling his weather man to “keep f—king that chicken” live on the air. One of the best on-air slips I’ve heard in a while. Also ranks up there with the Cleveland sports anchor reacting to Lebron hitting a game-winning shot live on the air.

Not sure what to make of this either……….though it reminds me of the Great Hildo getting a ticket for urinating on Science Hall.

Had brunch next to Malcolm Gladwell on Saturday (yeah, next to, not with), and in real life, his hair is not nearly as interesting as it is on the jacket covers of Blink, Tipping Point or Outliers. All among my favorite books of all time.


- I think Notre Dame figures they can cause Charlie Weiss to sweat off the pounds by having every game come down to the very last play

- One game playoff between the Twins & Tigers on Tuesday – outstanding. Tigers have to throw a rookie (the likely Rookie of the Year), which makes it interesting, on the road for a chance to be Yankee roadkill.

- Another ridiculous ending in Denver. So are we supposed to forget that Marshall was a huge d-bag in training camp and talk about what a great player he is? McDaniels seems to have gotten through to him, and McDaniels seems to be breaking the trend of bad Belichick assistants-turned-head-coaches.

- Early predictions – Holmgren in Washington, Shannahan in Dallas and Cowher in Carolina next year. And there’s a chance Holmgren makes an appearance before this season’s over.

- So the picture of Michigan and Notre Dame is coming into better focus – neither is very good. Michigan beats Notre Dame at the last second after ND beat Michigan State at the last second and Michigan State beats Michigan at the last second. Mediocrity.

- Early game of the week in week 5…….Patriots at Broncos. Or maybe Bengals at Ravens? And in college we have #4 LSU at #1 Florida in the return of Tim Tebow……….and the unbeaten Badgers going to Columbus to battle the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes.


- I have a theory about SEC football. While it is the best conference in college football, and they produce a ton of pro players, have you ever noticed why all of the late-afternoon games tend to come down to the wire and have a ton of late scoring plays? The conference has great athletes, but they’re not very smart players, which means they don’t know technique, and late in the game, when athletic ability is minimized by fatigue, the offense has the advantage. The defense is tired and would have to rely on technique, but the players are too stupid and have only relied on athletic ability. Maybe more on this later in the week if I can look up some stats.

- So when I buy into a team (Jets) they throw up on themselves, when I continue to doubt a team (Broncos) they continue to win, and when I give up on a team (Pittsburgh) they win.

- Darren Sharper can still play. Even though I still blame him for the Packer loss in the ’98 wildcard game against the 49ers (well, along with the lack of fumble call on Jerry Rice), the guy continues to be a big playmaker and change games.

- Chuck Cecil with blood running down his nose as a safety in Green Bay was entertaining. Chuck Cecil as the d-coordinator of a bad Titans defense without Albert Haynesworth has not been very entertaining.

Go Packers tonight. Not feeling great about their chances, but believe an early turnover from Favre could be the difference.

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