Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

I’m suffering from a serious Favre Overload hangover today. The bottom line is that Favre played great, showed that when he is healthy and prepared he can still make great things happen. It also was obvious that the Vikings are a better team than the Packers at this point, with a strong offensive line, good running game, stout defense, and now a passing game that has to be respected.

So did Ted Thompson make a mistake by not keeping Favre around? It doesn’t really matter because QB is not what is causing problems for Green Bay. The problem is the offensive line, which is causing major headaches (literally & figuratively) for Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. Because the offensive line has been so offensive, the Packers have had to resort to keeping the TE in to block, rolling out the QB, and other tricks to try and cover up the porous blocking. And when you combine that with the fact that Rodgers holds the ball too long, it is a dangerous combination. Kind of like the combination of giving Chris Berman directions to an all-you-can-eat buffet at Hooters (did you catch the quote from him that it was “Breast Awareness Week” instead of “Breast Cancer Awareness Week” in the NFL?).

I guess Superman has taken off his Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez underwear and went back to his 2007 or his retro-1997 Brett Favre underwear.


So the reports are out there that Tony Romo didn’t realize that it was 4th down on the final play against the Broncos. Ouch. Seems like the backwards-hat wearing, happy-go-lucky, Gomer Pyle look-alike, QB is truly suffering from the curse that Jessica Simpson put on him when he dumped her. If it’s true that he didn’t know it was 4th down after forgetting to take the 2nd down spike, it’s another example of how he does not have the ability to be any better than an average QB in the NFL.

I think the best chance he has of ever breaking through is if Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett are fired after this season and Mike Shannahan can come to town and instill some discipline and rigidness to the Cowboys and Romo in particular.


Tigers-Twins one-game playoff today. Everyone seems to think that the Twins have all the momentum and will win because they’re at home. Howevever (Steven A Smith style), the Tigers have the better pitcher in rookie Porcello starting today, which should be enough to get them through. Yes, they have the distraction of the bizarre Miguel Cabrera story being drunk and having an altercation with his wife in hotel outside of Detroit, but I’m still going with Detroit to end the days of baseball in the Metrodome.


Supposedly the NBA season starts at the end of this month. Does it really matter until you get closer to the playoffs? So many teams cruise through the regular season knowing they can turn it up for the playoffs, the regular season is unbelievably useless. But that John Hollinger guy does more work at ESPN than anyone I’ve ever seen. Just perusing quickly through the ESPN NBA page, and Hollinger has predictions and previews for not just every team, but every player. In the entire league!!


Glad to see they busted that dude who was stalking and taking the videos of Erin Andrews. Hopefully he gets locked up and she can get back to being the most valuable sideline reporter out there. And not just because she’s good looking (and she is extremely talented) – I do think she knows her stuff, is well-prepared, and adds actual value to the broadcast. She’s the anti-Tony Siragusa.

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