Saturday, December 5, 2009

Degenerate Friday on Saturday!! Week 13

I’ve got the back-up computer working, so I will be able to keep providing you with my insane ramblings and glorious gambling picks. Unfortunately, I had to send out my primary computer to be fixed, so I did lose what I had written up for Friday’s article. I had ranked the games based on college football conference tiers. I’m way too lazy to try and rewrite the article, or the story about Ron Jeremy. So instead, just quick picks for the week. After a pitiful 2 week stretch, I’ve fallen to 88-87-2 on the season, not counting Thursday’s winner with the Jets covering in Toronto against the Bills.

First, as it’s just a few hours before kick-off, I like Alabama +5.5 over Florida in the SEC Championship. Nick Saban gets his revenge for last year’s loss.

Standard disclosures apply: recreational use, NY Post lines, home team in CAPS, etc.

Cowboys (-2) over GIANTS – Giants defense hasn’t stopped anyone since week 5 and Cowboys are feeling pretty good. Can they stop their traditional December slide?

Broncos (-4.5) over CHIEFS – Chiefs just got lit up by the Chargers and McDaniels has the Broncos believing they are underdogs again.

STEELERS (-14.5) over Raiders – Despite the locker room turmoil, the Steelers will be ready to “unleash hell” as Coach Tomlin promised, and what better team to unleash it on than the Raiders?

Texans (Pick) over JAGUARS – Jags beat Texans in Houston, are 4-1 at home and Houston doesn’t know how to close out games. Yet the Texans are the better team and the pick.

Titans (+6.5) over COLTS – Titans are white hot and Colts have been allowing teams to hang around. The Titans are the more desperate team that needs the game to keep their playoff dreams alive.

FALCONS (+5.5) over Eagles – The Georgia Dome will be rocking to welcome back Michael Vick with boos, and in a game with a ton of injuries (Ryan, Westbrook, Turner & DeSean Jackson), take the home team and the points.

Lions (+13) over BENGALS – The Bengals are the Katy Perry of the NFL – definitely a healthy dose of crazy, but there are two big reasons they are able to be successful…….for the Bengals, it’s Cedric Benson and Larry Johnson.

Saints (-9.5) over REDSKINS – This is a dangerous spot for the Saints, coming off a short week on the road against an improving defense. Yet the Saints want to dominate all season and will continue against the Skins. Someone let Jim Zorn know what time he has to get to the stadium to impersonate a statue for 3 hours.

Buccaneers (+6) over PANTHERS – Jake Delhomme might be a blessing for the Panthers. Matt Moore starting is not.

BEARS (-9) over Rams – Chicago needs this game to relieve the pressure on Lovie Smith. But it might be too late as the ghost of Mike Shanahan looms over the city.

Chargers (-13) over BROWNS – The weather could be a factor in Cleveland, but the Chargers have the ability to go through the air with Rivers or the ground with Tomlinson.

49ers (Pick) over SEAHAWKS – Seattle might be getting the Human Walrus, Mike Holmgren back in town next year. 49ers have Crabs and VD, which is too much for the ‘Hawks.

Vikings (-3.5) over CARDINALS – Peterson may end up with less rushing yards than his speed on his ticket this week (109), but Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice are too much for the Cards.

Patriots (-4.5) over DOLPHINS – Belichick and Brady don’t lose back to back games.

PACKERS (-3) over Ravens – Ravens defense shut down the Steelers last week, but Aaron Rodgers is about 10 levels above Dennis Dixon. The ageless Donald Driver and Greg Jennings should have a field day against the Ravens secondary.

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