Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Back Nine - Hitting the Links

Another way to interact……ask me anything. Here’s the link to a page where you can literally ask me anything and I’ll post an answer. It’s really that simple. So have at it. Ask me anything on anything and I’ll have an answer. You can also ask me a question through the icon on the lower right hand side of the page (below the polls but above the links). I will solve the mysteries of life………….


Paul Shirley, the most famous benchwarmer in NBA history, had an interesting take on the situation in Haiti. Unfortunately, that view got him fired from his role as a contributor at ESPN. At least he has that lucrative pro basketball career…….or never mind. Hope he enjoyed his short time not completely in the shade.


I lost a ton of respect for Tom Jackson after the Vikings-Saints game when he made the following statement “That’s the thing about Brett Favre; he’s not afraid to throw an interception. That’s one of the things I most admire about him.” Blink, blink, blank stare. What? Then Tommy must love Jay Cutler more than life itself. I mean, is that like saying the thing I like about Brad Lidge is that he’s not afraid to blow saves? He’s not afraid to let Albert Pujols launch one into orbit in the playoffs. The thing I love about Whitney Port is she’s not afraid to be the dullest thing to ever sport a bikini and allow fame whores like Heidi Montag and Kristin Cavalliri to take the spotlight. Or something like that.


Greg Oden had an ex-flame post pictures of his wang all over the internet (the link is safe – I don’t need to look at his junk). He owned up to it, called it a mistake and is trying to move on. Not much of a story there really as it’s just another lesson on the way crazy women can get back at you. It’s right up there with the crazy mistress for the guy from Oracle/Obama’s cabinet that bought huge billboards outside the house the guy shares with his wife and posted a picture of them. But the part of the Oden presser that was entertaining was the female reporter asking him why he was embarrassed and that “a lot of people are impressed.” Alrighty then lady, why don’t you just ask him to take you to dinner?


Well of course Brett Favre has to be involved in the whole Tiger Woods scandal, right? Apparently Elin has been staying at the Favre compound while visiting Tig in his sex rehab. So is it because Brett’s place is nicer than any other place in Mississippi? Or is it because Favre never misses an opportunity to kind of come across like a decent person, when in reality it’s just another excuse to get some attention for himself? Then again, maybe Deanna has some advice for Elin on how to deal with a philandering star athlete spouse?


A friend of mine has a relaunched blog: Who’s On Second. He’s a die-hard Yankee’s fan with strong opinions across the board on sports. He also has tons of info on sports card collecting as well. So check it out and send some traffic to both of us.


I know it’s a day late, but in case you dvr’d the State of the Union last night and are going to watch it while drinking this evening, here are the ground rules for the drinking game. My personal favorite:

“If you want to get buck shitty: Do a shot of liquor every time Obama uses the words "Rescue, Rebuild, or Restore." Optional flourish: Do a shot of just beer every time he uses certain accepted synonyms for those words, like, "salvage," "reconstruct," and "Haiti."

Today, I’m going to end world hunger, stop all wars, bring terrorists to their knees, give everyone a job, and fix the economy. Wait, just saying it with great emphasis and a smug smirk doesn’t make it happen? Who knew? Well, if all else fails, I’ll just continue to blame it all on those before me that screwed it up too much for even me to fix it.


This guy is awesome. Just a nice way to get back at a company for not returning a call or email. It also reminds me of Seinfeld (very early on in the show) when George got fired but decided to show up to work anyway like nothing ever happened and acted like it was all just a joke.


I’m definitely not the leading edge tech guy out there, and I’m sure the new Apple computer will eventually be a pretty sweet revolution. But right now, doesn’t it kind of look like a Saturday Night Live commercial for a really, really big iPhone? And others are already having a field day with the name iPad, referring to it instead as the iTampon. Should be interesting to see if the public is buying it.


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