Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings - Enough Revis Already!

Before getting to Darelle Revis, a Public Service Announcement: Don’t get Jose Offerman mad. Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? A few years back he charged the mound and tried to swing a bat at the pitcher. Then last week he was arguing a call and he took a swing at the umpire. Although after watching the video, I stopped being amazed by him taking a swing and was more amazed that I think he missed. He was nose-to-nose with the umpire, threw a haymaker and somehow missed. Yet the ump went down anyway. Just a very strange and sureal scene.


The worst part about the Jets still being alive in the playoffs? The insufferable New York media needing to overhype and overreact to everything. The latest seems to have been picked up by the national media as well – Darrelle Revis. If I didn’t know better, I would think that the guy could walk across the Hudson when he comes from the Jets practice facility into Manhattan. If the stories about him are true, we should probably send him to Haiti and we’ll have all the devastation and death taken care and he’ll still be back in time for the AFC Championship.

Listen, the guy is a great cover corner. But let’s not get carried away. His interception against San Diego was luck – the ball fell into his lap after bouncing off of Vincent Jackson’s leg. And Vincent Jackson still had over 100 yards. Revis is a good shut down corner, but he is not yet to the level of Deion Sanders. And he does not have the overall disruptive ability of Charles Woodson – which is why it was a slam dunk that Woodson deserved the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Yet, because Revis plays in the biggest market, has the loudest coach, and has a voice in the weenie from Mike & Mike In the Morning, the casual fan thinks Revis was robbed.

Revis is one-dimensional in that all he does is cover. Yes, that is the primary job of a cornerback. But that is like focusing purely on the chest of Christina Hendricks – and missing the fact that she is as pale as a ghost and not really that cute overall. Yes, her most endearing quality is enough to cause you to focus on it – just like Revis’s cover ability. Yet, Revis does not tackle, only 47 solo tackles and 7 assists, and had 6 interceptions, taking one back for a touchdown. Woodson had 63 unassisted tackles and 18 assists, 4 forced fumbles, 9 interceptions and took 3 back to the house. Deion Sanders returned punts and played offense in addition to being a shut down corner.

Yes, Revis is a solid cornerback, and he’s young, so he will likely get better. But let’s hold on with the comparing him to Lawrence Taylor as the best defensive player in NY (how quickly you forget Strahan setting the single season sack record), or Deion Sanders as the greatest corner of all time. And getting an endorsement from Peter King is not exactly doing anything to help Revis’s case. I mean, well, I’ll just let Steve Czaban make my point for me right here. King is basically faker than the new Heidi Montag after her 400th plastic surgery procedure. What is wrong with that girl? I mean, honestly – she looks like a doll right now and she doesn’t look like a human. It’s just a shame she has such low self esteem and is now addicted to plastic surgery? Anyway, totally got sidetracked………

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