Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Hangover - Love/Hate


- We discovered the key to life at brunch yesterday with a group of friends. We decided that if you want the world to be your oyster, you really only need to have three talents: (1) be good at charades, (2) be good at shotgunning beer, and (3) be good in bed. I mean, if you have that, I think the world is your playground. And that discussion may or may not have taken place after our 5th cocktail. So there’s your roadmap to success, now get out there and practice kids!

- Mark Sanchez is now tied for the most playoff wins by a Jets quarterback with two. Drew Brees has the only wins in Saints playoff history. That gives you a sense of two of the franchises that will be playing in the conference championship games this weekend. The other two quarterbacks have slightly more playoff experience – maybe you’ve heard of them? Favre and Manning.

- The Colts probably should have knocked the Jets out of the playoffs before they got in. Karma brings the Jets back to Indy with a renewed sense of confidence and momentum. You have to believe the Bengals and Chargers are wishing they would have played the Texans rather than Rex’s hard-charging Gang Green.

- Brett Favre is playing better than he ever has in his entire career. He has 37 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions including the playoff game. The first touchdown pass he threw to Sidney Rice could not have been placed in a better spot if Favre was right next to him. I’m pretty sure he was singing “Just the Two of Us” in the locker room after the game. Well, maybe not. But he is playing better than even when he was going to back-to-back Super Bowls with Green Bay.

- Reggie Bush may have finally realized how to play in the NFL. The guy is a great athlete and he may have finally figured out that he has the ability to lower his shoulder and just plow forward on some plays and use his incredible video game moves on other plays. He played with a purpose and ran over Cardinals defenders on some occasions and stopped and cut on a dime for the next move. There was one screen pass where he caught the ball, and put on the brakes and cut back, leaving two Arizona defenders diving at air. If he can play like that, not only will the Saints have a great chance at winning the Super Bowl, but he will have a better chance of getting a big payday when his contract is up. And maybe we’ll finally talk about him for something other than his girlfriend.


- The Chargers choked. And not just Nate Kaeding for missing 3 field goals. Phillip Rivers was not clutch and Norv Turner lived up to his awful reputation in big games. Why did he go with an onside kick? Had he kicked it deep, on that 4th and 1, the Jets would have been deep in their own territory and would have had to punt. Once again, Norv proved that he does not have what it takes to take a team to the championship.

- Can we please stop the retirement talk as soon as a team loses in the playoffs? Kurt Warner, LaDanian Tomlinson, Ed Reed, etc. all may have played their final games. Give them some time to let their emotions calm down, let their bodies heal up a little, and let them talk with their families. Then again, if you’re Kurt Warner, maybe you need a job to keep you out of the house and away from that hair. (And the streak continues) They’ve all been great players, give them time to figure out what they want to do.

- Keith Brookings is a clown. Yes, it was aggressive that the Vikings threw the ball on 4th down with 2 minutes left in a blow out. Yet we celebrate the players for playing hard the entire game – that includes the last two minutes. So the Vikings did exactly that – they played to the final whistle. And Brad Childress can only coach his team. If the Cowboys are not able to stop the Vikings, that’s a Cowboy’s problem, not a Vikings problem. You’ve been getting your ass handed to you all day long, Keith. Don’t compound it by trying to talk to the Vikings bench and spouting off to the media after the game. You sound like a whiny little biyatch. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was watching Grey’s Anatomy because you were whining more than Ellen Pompeo.

- Think Arizona is looking for a defensive coordinator today?

- C’mon Brett you pansy. Crying in the post game presser after WINNING the game? A blow out game at that. Honestly – you’re such a drama queen. Grow up.

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